Sunday, January 16, 2005

School releases 13-year-old to bf's mom for abortion

On Friday morning, July 30, 2004, Diana Lopez, a divorced mother of four young children, was awakened by a phone call. The call was from a staff member at the middle school that her two oldest children attend, Memorial Academy in San Diego. Lopez recounted that the staff member told her that her 13-year-old daughter had been taken to the hospital because she was bleeding. Lopez states that when she asked what had happened to her daughter, the staff member's response was that they didn't know and that her daughter's boyfriend's mother had come to take her to the hospital.

When Ms. Lopez sorted the mess out, she found out that the school had released her daughter to the mother of the child's 13-year-old boyfriend so she could be taken for an abortion.

San Diego News Notes reports on this story: Mother Not Told of Thirteen-Year-Old's Abortion .

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