Friday, January 21, 2005

More trouble for abortionist in New Jersey

According to a new LifeNews report, New Jersey abortionist Flavious Thompson is in more trouble. First, his receptionist got caught selling abortions after hours at his facility. Now, he's been caught flushing aborted fetuses down the toilet.

Detective Lawrence Doyle ...charged Thompson with the crimes just days after his receptionist Liza Berdiel was charged with three counts of performing abortions without a medical license, theft and forgery. Thompson had alerted police to Berdiel's actions, which occurred at his Pleasant Women's Pavilion abortion facility. After he notified authorities of the injections, police issued a search warrant for the abortion business and found the additional problems, according to the Asbury newspaper.....Thompson also operates an abortion center in Trenton, the state capital.

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