Monday, January 03, 2005

California codifies "Keep parents ignorant" policy

Well, now in California it's not just a school's option to keep parents in the dark about their underage daughters' abortions. It's mandatory.

According to a FoxNews article, "State Attorney Gen. Bill Lockyer (search), a Democrat, said the legislation was meant for the small number of children coping with rape or incest who probably wouldn’t be able to talk to a parent but need some way to seek help."

Excuse me? If the girl is dealing with rape or incest, she needs serious intervention. How does doing a secret abortion, then returning her home for more abuse, help?

Child abusers and "funny uncles" all over California are no doubt applauding the new law. Now there will be even less chance that somebody in a troubled girl's life will be helping her to get out of an abusive situation. "You rape 'em, we scrape 'em," is now the official motto of the California public schools.

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Christina Dunigan said...

Here's the email I sent to Fox News:

According to your story, "Calif. Teen Privacy Law Raises Questions," the justification for mandating that schools keep teen abortions secret from their parents is to help incest victims get help.

Excuse me? If somebody in the home is abusing the girl, how does vacuuming her out and returning her to her abuser help her? Shouldn't the school be reporting the abuse and getting the child removed from the abusive home? Shouldn't the state be going after the abuser? But instead of focusing on the girl's real problems, the state gets fixated on the fetus. What does killing the fetus in secret accomplish, other than helping the abuser to hide his crimes?

This "privacy" law is the biggest boon to child sexual predators to date. I'm sure they're pleased.

Christina Dunigan