Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dems for Life 95-10 Plan

I know that the Dems for Life are honest folks who really do want to end the practice of abortion. Many of these folks are also active in such organizations as Feminists for Life. So take a look here at their proposals. In particular, I think the following are positive signs:

- Enact an advertising campaign in each state to provide a toll free number that will direct a woman to organizations that provide support services for pregnant women who want to carry their children to term and/or direct women to adoption centers.

- National Institutes of Health will collect accurate data on why women choose abortions. Within five years of enactment, the NIH will present its findings to Congress.

- Pregnant women who choose to undergo prenatal genetic testing should be provided with information on the accuracy of these tests

- Require pregnancy centers and women’s health centers that provide pregnancy counseling and that receive federal funding to provide adoption referral information.

- Any women’s health center or clinic that provides pregnancy counseling or abortion services must provide accurate information on abortion and the adverse side effects to a woman’s health. Patients do not have to accept the materials if they do not want them.

- Provide grants to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations for the purchase of ultrasound equipment to provide free examinations to pregnant women needing such services. This equipment will be operated by licensed professionals.

- Offer additional federal funding for programs that have received grants by the Department of Justice for providing counseling and shelter for women and children in crisis pregnancies. The leading cause of death against pregnant women is murder.

- Prohibit transporting a minor across a state line to obtain an abortion. Makes an exception if the abortion was necessary to save the life of the minor.

- Requires states that have parental notification to inform parents of state statutory rape laws.

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