Monday, April 25, 2005

WND releases "Baby Rowan" story

There have been a few words out in a few blogs beforehand, but today is the official release date for the story of Baby Rowan, who was reportedly born alive during an abortion at an Orlando Women's Center subsidiary clinic.

The mother, who is using the name "Angele," is in her 30's, and had chosen abortion because she had been raped and was caring for two children after a divorce. She said she'd spend weeks in counseling about what to do before concluding that there was no option for her but abortion. She had researched carefully and tried to choose a painless, dignified method of aborting the child, whom she'd already named Rowan. She had chosen the clinic in question because the staff there seemed very caring and assured her that the baby would feel no pain.

WND evidently has been given an exclusive by Liberty Counsel, which is handling the woman's case. Read the WND story for the details.

Orlando Women's Center is a National Abortion Federation member facility.

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