Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Don't Like Abortion? Don't Have One!"

I have to admit that this slogan really grates my cheese. It implies that women have abortions because they like it!

Aside from the fact that only the most depraved woman actually likes abortion, this slogan totally ignores the reality of coerced and forced abortions.

Marla Cardamone (pictured) wanted to make an adoption plan, but a social worker at Magee Woman's Hospital browbeat her into an abortion, telling her that her medications had caused her unborn baby to be disabled. Marla's mother told me, "The last week of her life, all she did was cry." The abortion Marla didn't want killed her. And when her family sued, they found out that the baby had been perfectly normal -- and that all of Marla's test prior to the abortion showed no abnormalities!

Allegra Roseberry, likewise, was told that her unborn baby had abnormalities that she didn't really have. Allegra had cancer, and instead of offering to deliver her baby alive so that she could have both motherhood and an experimental cancer treatment program, her doctors insisted that abortion was her only option. The unwanted abortion killed Allegra, and killed her perfectly healthy unborn baby.

A woman I call Shari was frightened and intimidated into an unwanted abortion by a doctor who lied to her and told her that if she didn't have an abortion, she'd leave her 7-year-old daughter motherless.

My friend Laura nearly got tricked into an abortion by a doctor who told her that her unborn baby was dead, when he was actually quite healthy!

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As a kind of wrap up, read Abortion, Law, and Real Choice, which addresses the myth that legalizing abortion just gives women "choice."

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