Thursday, April 21, 2005

Evidently it was't as much fun as they thought...

I discovered the source of my trolls: sluts4choice.

I actually found a really thoughtful post there by "foetusinfetu," who said:

It's important that this is a safe medical procedure but if it is not that says nothing about whether abortion should be legal in principle; if it is not it says we should develop the technique to the point where it is safe, it says that we should be part of a movement demanding safe abortions.

AMEN! My hope has been that those among the prochoice movement will start to focus on safety. I'd originally become a prolife advocate after learning of abortion abuses; allowing the women who trust them to die needlessly is at the head of the list of abuses that I find so outrageous. I'd give three cheers for a nationwide prochoice movement for, say, accountability by NAF, addressing issues of false advertising, unsafe facilities, etc. I devoted a page to praising efforts by prochoice activists to hold practitioners accountable or to help women avoid abortions. (And I'm sorry about any broken links. The site is huge and I handle it on my own; it's hard to find time to go through page by page for over a thousand pages checking the links.)

You go, foetusinfetu! I recommend that you get hold of all the tapes of National Abortion Federation Risk Management Seminars and listen, especially to the discussion periods a the ends of sessions.

And krazyhippie, thanks for catching the spelling error in the Olive Ash story. Sadly, my web editing abilities are in limbo at the moment but I'll put that on my list of things to fix when I get everything up and running again.

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