Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pennsylvania abortionist in trouble

Pennsylvania abortionist Harvey Brookman has had his license suspended for operating without insurance. He performed about 2,400 "procedures" without insurance, including an incident three years ago in which a 17-year-old abortion patient had to be flown to the hospital. She suffered a perforated uterus and colon.

According to this article, Brookman did abortion at facilities in King of Prussia, Pittsburgh, State College and Erie. He was also accused of dispensing expired drugs, letting unlicensed staffers administer drugs, and doing abortions without an RN present. The Pennsylvania action follows license revocation in New York and a voluntary surrender of his license in New Jersey. This is the second time Brookman has been disciplined in Pennsylvania: His license had previously been suspended after allegations that he destroyed or altered patient records in New Jersey.

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- New York 1993 reprimand and 1996 revocation
- Pennsylvania suspension

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