Sunday, April 17, 2005

Who will you speak for?

Bloggers and speakers like Julia, referenced below, have chosen to speak out in favor of the US abortion industry, to hold it up as a conglomeration of compassionate champions of women's lives.

Ah, yes, those selfless abortionists, striving to better the lives of women! Let's look at one of them: Moshe Hachamovitch.

In 1986, he was preparing to discharge 40-year-old Luz Rodriguez from his clinic when she collapsed from blood loss. Though emergency medical personnel were able to resuscitate her, she died four days later from an incomplete abortion Hachamovitch had failed to detect and treat.

In 1990, he performed a fatal abortion on 19-year-old Christina Goesswein. This was not a case of "all surgery has risks." Abortion advocates blithely dismiss all legal abortion deaths as simply being blind dumb luck. But the New York medical board hardly saw it that way, and scathingly chastised Hachamovitch for his recklessness with Christina's life, including his decision to perform after-hours emergency care in his office instead of admitting his gravely injured patient to the hospital.

In 1996, he failed to adequately monitor 28-year-old Tanya Williamson, and failed to have adequate training and equipment to resuscitate her when she stopped breathing. She died as a result of his carelessness.

And Hachamovitch wasn't just sloppy in his own personal practice. He was sloppy in his oversight of other clinics he owned. His willingness to tolerate poor standards of care allowed two women and a teenage girl -- 33-year-old Lou Ann Herron, 26-year-old Lisa Bardsley, and 14-year-old Jammie Garcia -- to die horrible deaths at his facilities.

The "I'm Not Sorry" crowd, and the other cheerleaders for abortion, are too busy salving their own consciences to worry about the real lives and deaths of real women and girls. If they did care, they'd be standing up against the likes of Moshe Hachamovitch, instead of standing in solidarity with him and others like him.

Who will you speak for? Abortionists like Moshe Hachamovitch? Or women and girls like Luz, Christina, Tanya, Lou Ann, Lisa, and Jammie?

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