Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Why is this even necessary?

Alvin Williams posted this article at Jewish World Review, recounting the terrible story that prompted Congress to draft the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. Click yourself and read the story -- excerpts could not do it justice. Also, here is Mrs. Carroll's testimony about what was done to her 14-year-old daughter by the champions of "choice."

Everybody with a daughter ought to be supporting Mrs. Carroll.

My question is this: Why is this law even necessary? Isn't it already kidnapping to take a child out of state without the parents' consent? Why aren't state AGs prosecuting people who do this? Why do we have to write another law making it illegal to kidnap a child for a specific purpose?

And you could argue that the child got in the car willingly -- but then, evidence is that Adam Walsh got into Otis Toole's car willingly. Children are not capable of making a wise, informed decision about which adults to go with. That's why there are laws against luring them away from their schools or their families.

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