Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Abortion regs improved in Florida

The Curt Jester posted that Governor Jeb Bush has signed "The Women's Health and Safety Act," providing some safety regulations of second-trimester abortions in Florida. Associated Press coverage noted that there are about 9,000 second-trimester abortions a year in Florida. It also notes:
One supporter on hand for Tuesday's signing was Dr. Randy Armstrong, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Hillsborough County who provides emergency room coverage at University Community Hospital.

Armstrong, who does not perform abortions, said he has seen "and continues to see" the problems that result from lack of regulations of abortion clinics. In the last six months of 2004, nearly three dozen women were admitted into the hospital because of complications from second-trimester abortions.

God knows Florida could use some regulation of their abortion mills. Deaths from botched abortions in Florida include:

Florida abortion mills have included the notorious Dadeland.

Police busted 71-year-old Jose Casso after he allegedly botched an abortion on a 16-year-old girl at his Hialeah clinic, which he was openly operating without a medical license.

Abortion had become legal in Florida in 1972, ahead of Roe vs. Wade, because criminal abortionist Luis Barquet successfully challenged the law. The "Back-Alley Butchers Welcome" sign has been greeting abortionists in Florida for 33 years now. It's about time they were made unwelcome. And the ability to at least curtail their second-trimester activities is a good start.

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