Monday, June 13, 2005

Blog roundup

Go to Blance of Power for some great discussion.

LaruaMcKenna laments the sad lack of "access" in Mississippi. Women who want dead babies might actually have to either kill them before 16 weeks or travel out-of-state. Perish the thought!

GayLikeAFox manned a prolife table at a Gay Pride event, and recounts his experiences. Cool!

The-Goddess can't seem to distinguish between survival and avoiding stretch marks. What is it with people who can't cope when life doesn't go as planned? Nowhere in the Constitution is there a right to get your way all the time. You have sex, you might make a baby. Learn to adjust.

Over at Pieces of Flair are musings about how the right to privacy is sacrosanct when it comes to abortion but somehow don't seem to apply to Second Amendment rights.

And remember Krishna Rajanna, the Kansas abortionist who finally lost his license? You can see pictures of his clinic at Operation Rescue's site. All together now: Eeeewwwwww!!!!!

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