Thursday, June 30, 2005

Somebody get a set of crutches...

... because this is the lamest thing I've heard in weeks:

A Planned Parenthood got off tthe hook for having made a phone call to a pregnant 14-year-old's 21-year-old abuser instead of to her parents as required by law, by saying basically, "Hey, we called the number she gave us."
Attorney Al Gerhardstein, who is representing Planned Parenthood in the case, was on vacation today, but told The Enquirer earlier this month: "We have no problem with any scrutiny because Planned Parenthood has been a leader in establishing ways to follow the law."

Could you imagine a 7-11 clerk beating the rap for selling beer to minors by saying, "Hey, I went by the ID he showed me!"? How come a minimum-wage teenager at a summer job is supposed to be more sophisticated about seeing through liies than trained professionals working in a counseling setting? Grrrrrr!

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