Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Access" trumps safety in Mississippi

Life News reports that U.S. District Judge Tom S. Lee struck down a Mississippi law limiting second-trimester abortions to hospitals or outpatient surgical facilities.
Lee said the state knew no abortion facility in the state was licensed as an ambulatory surgical facility or private hospital and thus the law would essentially ban all such second-trimester abortions.

He said the state's action made abortions "effectively unavailable in the state of Mississippi beyond the first trimester."

Now, why is there no outrage among the prochoice that nobody selling abortions in Mississippi cares enough about patient safety to meet the qualifications for an outpatient surgical facility? Instead of complaining that the prolifers are the ones setting up this "restriction," why aren't the self-proclaimed champions of women's lives demanding that people who routinely perform outpatient surgery actually be outpatient surgical facilities?
The Jackson Women's Health Organization, the state's only abortion center, filed suit last year against the state with the help of the New York-based Center for Reproductive Rights.

Prolifers pointed to former Mississippi abortionist Malachy Dehenre as justification for tightening up regulations. Dehenre had performed the fatal abortion on Leigh Ann Alford in Alabama.

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