Sunday, June 26, 2005

A reminder of prochoice priorities

Every year, on March 10, abortion supporters commemorate the death of abortionist David Gunn by holding a "Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers." They lament the terrible "risks" faced by abortionists. Abortionists are provided with security, guards, bulletproof vests, etc. No expense is too great to protect abortionists. Outcry is poured out repetedly at what a precious resource abortionists are, and how deserving they are of protection.

But today, June 26, marks an anniversry ignored by prochoicers. On this date in 1994, an abortionist at Women's Medical Services in Pensacola, Florida, sent 31-year-old Pamela Colson on her way with such severe lacerations that she bled to death on the way home. Women's Medical Services was the same clinic where Gunn had been shot to death.

Not only are the prochoice oblivious of Pam Colson's death; they don't want anybody else to remember her, either. When life activist Vicki Conroy and a post-abortion woman hung a black wreath at the clinic where she died, staff there had the pair arrested.

Abortion activists keep close tabs on abortion staff who die. There are seven that they blame on life activists.

But deaths caused by abortionists are shrugged off. Now, we can assume the deaths of the fetuses don't count as violence to abortion supporters, in that they don't consider the fetuses to be people. But how can they ignore the deaths of hundreds of women? Okay, they dismiss these as "all surgery has risks," even cases like Pamela Colson's, in which there was clear quackery involved in sending a critically injured patient home. What about abortionists killing people who aren't even their patients?

This site looks at cases of murder by abortionists, abortion promoters, and men who wanted their children aborted. If we look purely at murders by abortionists and abortion workers, and only those perpetrated outside the medical setting, we still have quite a bloodbath going on:
  • In November 1999, Pasadena abortionist Kevin Paul Anderson strangled his business partner, neonatologist Dr. Deepti Gupta, a mother of two young children who was expecting her third. They were involved in an extramarital affair, and she was carrying his baby. In December 2000, Anderson was convicted of second-degree murder by a Pasadena jury.

  • Kansas City, Missouri abortionist Lynn D. Weller was shot to death in his home in September 1973 by two masked gunmen who were hired by rival abortionist William Carlos. Carlos was angry that Weller was having an affair with his ex-wife.

  • Marc Eason was a vocal pro-abortionist who worked at the Dadeland abortion clinic in Miami. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole for the ax-murders of his two roommates. Eason claimed the murders were "justifiable homicide" because the roommates had "complained about his sloppiness."

  • Abortionist John Gwynne was convicted of the first-degree murder of his nineteen-year-old girlfriend.

  • Prominent Oklahoma City abortionist John Baxter Hamilton (pictured) was having an affair with a topless dancer he had aborted, and his wife was considering leaving him. On Valentine's Day 2001, Hamilton choked his wife with a necktie, beat her over the head with a heavy blunt object hard enough to smash a hole in her skull, and then slammed her face repeatedly onto the floor. In December 2001, a jury convicted Hamilton of murdering his wife.

  • Notorious Chicago abortion mill owner Kenneth "Creepy Kenny" Yellen literally died in the gutter after his gangland-style execution in November 1979, from five shots in the head as he walked to work. The primary suspect was Robin Dragin, a professional burglar with mob connections, who organized a Chicago abortion clinic that had been in competition with Yellin's operation.

  • That's seven murders of adult non-patients by abortionists and clinic workers. It looks as if, excluding patients and live-born infants, an abortionist or abortion staffer is as likely to commit murder as to be the victim of "antichoice violence."

    So abortion supporters of course applaud fetal deaths, gloss over the murders of live-born infants, dismiss the deaths of patients as just an acceptable risk. That we can expect. But how can they treat abortion workers as sitting ducks for antiabortionists when the abortion workers seem to be a particularly violent lot themselves? Perhaps they're forgetting that violence begets violence.

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