Friday, June 03, 2005

Lest we forget -- two abortion deaths

Today, June 3, is the anniversary of two abortion deaths. The only thing these women had in common is that they thought abortion would solve their problems, and they'd found doctors willing to do the deed.

Barbara Lofrumento, a 19-year-old college student, informed her parents that she was pregnant during the spring of 1962. Mr. and Mrs. Lofrumento cast about for a reputable abortionist and were referred by an acquaintance to Dr. Harvey Lothringer. Lothringer examined Barbara on June 2, 1962, and assured the parents that although Barbara's pregnancy was 5 months advanced, there was no danger. He performed the abortion in the early morning hours of June 3. But something went wrong, and Barbara died. Lothringer cut her body up and tried to dispose of it, along with her clothing and the fetus, down the toilet and garbage disposal. When this stopped up the plumbing for the entire house, Lothringer fled the country. An international manhunt found him in France. he was extradited, and pled guilty to second-degree manslaughter in Barbara's death.

Sandra Lynn Chmiel was not a teenager from a wealthy family. She was a pretty young mother of four when she went to Biogenetics Ltd. in Chicago for an abortion on June 3, 1975. Her abortion was performed in a legal abortion clinic, during daylight hours. But it was every bit as fatal as Barbara Lofrumento's abortion thirteen years earlier. Her abortionist, however, had nothing to fear from the law. What he did to Sandra was perfectly legal.

Sandra Chmeil didn't benefit from Roe vs. Wade. Nor did her husband or her four children. But the doctor who performed her fatal abortion certainly did.

Seems the "safe" in "safe and legal" is referring to the risks to the abortionist, not the risks to the patient.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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