Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Window of opportunity

The blogosphere, prolife and prochoice alike, is abuzz with the article about how George Tiller is one of the few abortionists willing to snuff third-trimester babies with Down Syndrome.

Let's start publicizing sites that celebrate folks with Down Syndrome.

And I also think now would be a good time to get copies of Common Threads into every ob/gyn's waiting room, into CPCs, and especially into the hands of folks outside and near Tiller's "clinic." Band of Angels gives a 20% discount for orders of 30 or more items, so prolife groups can have a fund raiser and get lots of materials.

Folks who would have direct contact with women who might be considering aborting a Down Syndrome baby should be provided with copies of My Baby Can! in both boy version and girl version. Maybe the Wichita prolifers can recruit somebody with Down Syndrome to be there, wearing a T-shirt saying, "Ask me about my Down Syndrome before you make your choice," and being ready to give the proper baby book to moms who change their minds.

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