Friday, July 08, 2005

Blog roundup

NARAL reaches a slutty low with their NARAL Pro-Choice Washington'’s Screw Abstinence Party.

Crazy Cat Woman can't understand how a woman can be "anti-choice."

Legal Redux reviews PP v. Casey, a case in which PP rolled over and played dead on the restrictions on late abortions (there having been at the time no market for fetal tissue and thus no reason to put financial and political capital into protecting post-viability abortions), but fought tooth-and-nail against other reasonable restrictions prior to the third trimester. Though the Supreme Court upheld the bulk of the Pennsylvania law, they also saw fit to babble on in support of Roe, thus taking away with the left hand what they'd given with the right.

Kristie is still hurting, and still prochoice, after an abortion in 2000. She needs some love and support.

Josef has me confused. He blogs in recognition of how revolting NARAL's "Screw Abstinence" party is, but also says something about NARAL's "efforts to guarantee the medical procedure of abortion in the event of tragedy." Is anybody else confused by this? NARAL's efforts are to guarantee tragedy in the event of pregnancy, not to guarantee abortion in the event of tragedy.

ListerDoesLaw blogs: I'm now a research assistant ... looking up different abortion related laws and whatnot. It's brought up some interesting questions in m own mind.... As a result, I'm trying to volunteer as a clinic assistant in the recovery room so I can put a differnt spin on everything than politics and policy. I've recommended that she visit Silent No More for the perspective years later, not just in the recovery room, and I'm Not Sorry for a prochoice spin.

Layla X is still in the immediate aftermath of an abortion she agreed to because the father wanted her to do it. She'd wanted to keep the baby. I'd originally posted that she needs love and support, but she posted a response that she's getting all she needs and doesn't want any from prolifers. Funny how folks complain that we hate them, and then when we reach out in compassion they jerk away. I guess it's easier to think of yourself as brave in the face of hatred than to find out that your supposed enemy isn't a monster after all.

Charlotte says she's prochoice because she fears what women will resort to if legal abortion isn't available. I gave her a couple of links about safe-n-legal deaths, which clearly aren't an improvement.

Philobiblon wants to know where the women bloggers are. I told her that some of us are busy pointing out how much abortion sucks and how disgusting it is that so-called feminists are so indifferent to the lives of real women. Any other woman bloggers want to give her a visit?

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