Friday, July 22, 2005

Blog roundup

David W. Boles drags the "coathanger abortion" urban legend out of mothballs to scare the bejeebers out of a bunch of young female college students. I told him not to forget to warn them about the guy with the hook who hangs out on Lovers Lane! If you're going to scare them go all the way! (HT: Reasonable Force)

King over at Extreme Liberalism doesn't grasp how the Supreme Court works, and blogs, "I find it disturbing that there is even a possibility that abortion could be banned by the Supreme Court." Um, King, the Court wouldn't ban it; abortion would be returned to the states. He also says, "32 years after its legalization, 78,000 women die each year from abortions performed outside of the law." Yikes! Where's he getting that number from?! According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 98,000 females between the ages of 15 and 54 die of all causes in the US every year. This guy is asserting that nearly 80% of those deaths are due to illegal abortions! And this is an improvement, no doubt, over the old pre-Roe situation where all deaths of women and girls of childbearing age were due to botched abortions!

Hobo Barbie at Time and Human Response laments, "We are not all able to escape the horror of rapists and trauma of abortion" but seems to be afraid that a man on the Supreme Court will take the trauma of abortion away from women. Well, she's a Barbie. She's blonde. She's made of vinyl. So she's entitled to be confused and/or confusing.

Idiots at the Wheel is a guy who doesn't get it: It seems a bit strange to me that a court of 8 men and one woman would be asked to tell a woman how to handle her own body. The 8 men (and myself too) have no idea what it means to carry a baby to term and then all the extra bits of childbirth etc.. Men telling women in a dictatorial manner what do with themselves. Hey it was a bunch of men who invented this supposed "right" to abortion to begin with. If men have no business being involved, then they had no business inventing a "right" to abortion in the first place. They're not the ones climbing on the abortion table and getting their bowels torn up by mistake. They're not the ones ending up sterile. They're not the ones suffering the emotional trauma or dying from complications. If men could get pregnant, childbirth would be a competitive sport and there'd be no such thing as abortion.

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