Friday, July 08, 2005

The reward for resisting the pressure

When Lori Watts was pregnant, doctors spotted terrible birth defects on the ultrasound. Parts of their baby's brain were missing, and another part was outside the skull. Lori's doctor and insurance company exerted so much pressure to abort that Lori had to resort to threats in order to get medical care for herself and the "doomed" fetus.

Well, that "doomed" fetus was Donna Joy Watts, a curly-haired 11-year-old who went to Washington, DC, with her loving parents to sit in on PBA ban hearings. Anybody who wonders what the fetus would want ought to talk to Donna Joy. Lori and her husband, Donald, have their reward for standing firm.
Donna Joy's life has not been easy, but she took her eight operations in stride. Today, this little girl – who had so much to overcome and was not supposed to be able to walk or talk – now runs and has an impressive vocabulary. In fact, Donna Joy's ambition has no limits. She says that she wants to become a pilot, a TV star and a senator when she is an adult.

She's well on her way.

If you watched the debate on the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act on C-SPAN this week, you may have seen Donna Joy in the Senate gallery. She was sitting there proudly as a reminder to all those in attendance that every child deserves a fighting chance and every mother deserves the best possible care.

Click here for more on Donna Joy, including pictures of her and her family! Donna Joy is in a current health crisis and needs your prayers.

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