Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Five reported US deaths from RU-486

Danco Laboratories, the maker of Mifeprex, one of the two drugs used in chemical abortions, says it is changing the labels to include updated safety information. Danco also said that the company had gotten reports of five women who have died of sepsis after chemical abortions with the drug. Danco released a statement saying that the company got "reports of five deaths from serious bacterial infection and sepsis" since the abortion drug got FDA approval in September 2000.

Publicity surrounded the deaths of Brenda Vise and Holly Patterson.

Holly died September 17, 2003. Brenda died September 12, 2001. Danco reported that four of the woman died in California. Assuming that Holly was one of the officially noted deaths, that means that three additional California women have died: one in 2003, one in early 2004, and "a recent one in mid 2005."

The question remains as to how many women have actually died after chemical abortions in the US. The Danco release only addresses sepsis, not hemorrhage or other complications. The Danco report can also, by definition, only include women whose deaths were reported to the company.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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