Monday, July 18, 2005

On Eric Rudolph, et al.

A reader made a snide comment that she thinks the reason I've posted nothing about the sentencing about Eric Rudolph because my prolife commitment isn't strong enough to have me condemn murder.

1. Eric Rudolph is only tangentially about abortion. He bombed the freaking Olympics, a fact that gets largely ignored in the media because it's much more satisfying to play martyr and pretend that it's all about "women's clinics." To say that the Eric Rudolph case is related to the prolife movement is like saying that the Unabomber is related to environmentalists. Mad bombers will pick a cause that gives them an excuse for blowing people up. Any cause will do.

2. I've said it before: Using violence to fight abortion is neither wise nor innocent, and is unjustified. Period, paragraph.

Enough said.

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