Saturday, July 16, 2005

Mom fought for baby -- WOW!

I've been reading the stories at Be Not Afraid. This one really floored me! The baby was, docs told mom, doomed. He had kidney problems and the lack of amniotic fluid was leading to lung problems. If he did survive until birth, he'd suffocate afterward. Pressure, pressure, pressure to abort! In a nutshell, the docs told Mom, 'Get with the program, lady! He has no fluid! His lungs can't inflate! If they can't inflate, they can't develop! If they can't develop, he suffocates at birth!" Mom told the docs, "If there's no fluid, PUT SOME IN!!!"

The docs thought she was nuts, but they did what she demanded. And you gotta go read the story and see this little boy for yourself! Way to go, Mom!

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