Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sufficient Scruples

Kevin at Sufficient Scruples can't quite understand that being female doesn't equal any kind of enthusiasm for abortion. In particular, he sneers at Feminists for Life.

He also can't seem to get that it's not just about ending the pregnancy. Were that the case, NOW wouldn't be siding with men who want to flush frozen embryos that the women want to rescue, and there'd be no such thing as post-viability abortions.

He also blows off the RU-486 deaths. By his logic, we should disband the FAA and just let airline passengers take their chances, since air travel is so safe.

Although we both think "House" is pretty lame. Also, though Kevin doesn't mention it, what's with gimpy characters lately? CSI has the ME with a cane, ER has the doctor with a cane, and House has his cane. I mean, kudos for not having everybody spry and exquisitely fit, but maybe they could find an actor who just happens to have some sort of disability and let that play out as it may.

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