Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Free Vegemite!

Vegemite crackdown fears roil expats.

It's illegal to bring Vegemite, that yeast spread Aussies so love, into the US, because it contains folate and the FDA has only approved folate as an additive in certain foods. Give me a break!

This is on the one hand so small a matter as to hardly seem worth getting roiled up about, but on the other hand, what business does the FDA have banning a food because it contains a freaking nutrient!

I've smelled Vegemite and that convinced me never to taste Vegemite, but if the Aussies want to bring their Vegemite in to the US, I say more power to them! Stores should be allowed to import and sell Vegemite so that expats can enjoy their favorite spread, and so that Americans can be exposed to this uniquely Australian .... um ... substance. (Can't say "treat;" sorry!)

What's really bizarre is that women are being told to make sure they get enough folate, because folate prevents spina bifida and anencephaly. Here's a handy folate source and it's freaking banned? Whatup with that?

FDA, get your head from out your butts! Free Vegemite!

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