Saturday, October 28, 2006

Illegal abortions, infighting at NJ abortion mill

New Jersey Abortion Facility Secretary Jailed for Giving Abortion Drug

Liza Berdiel, a secretary at a New Jersey abortion facility, faces 120 days in jail for performing three illegal after-hours abortions at Pleasant Women's Pavilion. Berdiel injected the women with drugs in late 2004. One of them failed to abort completely and underwent a second, surgical abortion to complete the procedure. (Justice delayed is justice denied? Why did it take nearly two years to get around to jailing this woman?)

Berdiel also reportedly stole prescription pads from abortionist Flavius Moses Thompson, who owns the facility, and wrote illegal prescriptions. Thompson, citing concern that she was pocketing abortion fees, reported missing abortion drugs to the police.

Berdiel's lawyer said that she was acting under dirction from Thompson, but was unable to present any evidence that this was the case.

Berdiel also faces 3 years probation, and has been ordered to reimburse the $380 apiece that the women paid her.

Thompson is no stranger to trouble. Last year he faced allegations of flushing fetal remains down the toilet; he lacked a license to store or process medical waste. Thompson was assessed a penalty of $20,000, plus $22,000 in court costs and attorney fees. He was also directed to complete a course in ethics and one on infectious disease control.

Thompson had just gotten his medical license restored in May, after a revocation by the medical board. However, the restoration only permits Thompson to practice at Kimball Medical Center, and only under another physician's supervision, not unsupervised or at the Pleasant Women's Pavilion.

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