Tuesday, October 17, 2006

World Vision Christmas shopping list

Medical care seem to be more expensive at World Vision than at Mercy Ships, possibly because Mercy Ships relies so much on in-kind donations. So they don't have to pay a doctor or for the OR, they just have to pay for the actual surgical supplies.

Nevertheless, many things in the World Vision catalogue are exciting, and they're available for giving in a wide price range:

A fish pond for a community: $200.

Water treatment tablets to enable 250 kids to get safe water at school for a year: Just $50.

A prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care kit can increase survival and health for mother and baby: $116.

Provide a girl in China with education for a year: $350.

Provide an older child or adult with a marketable skill: $50.

Provide a child with school supplies: $32.

Provide a disabled person with a wheelchair: $14. (The wheelchairs are donated by Free Wheelchair Mission; World Vision just needs help with the shipping costs.)

Provide an injured person with a prosthetic limb: $1120

Educate an African orphan for a year: $70.

Warm, portable shelter for a Mongolian family: $1862.

Provide a family with a clean, safe stove that requires less fuel than their traditional fire pits: $150.

Provide a family with ten fruit trees: $65.

Provide high-quality crop seeds for a family: $17.

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