Monday, October 09, 2006

Let's be clear, here

I had to respond to Antiabortion Campaign Waves Feminist Flag
Ms. Simon writes, "The ban ... makes it a felony to help any woman terminate a pregnancy at any stage, unless an abortion is necessary to prevent her death."

The law in no way prohibits terminating pregnancies for medically indicated reasons. Obstetricians will remain free to terminate pregnancies by performing c-sections or inducing labor, as responsible physicians do, any time they believe that this would be in the patient's best interests. The law simply prohibits pregnancy termination methods that intend to specifically achieve the death of the fetus.

Let's work for clarity and be upfront about what the law is written to prohibit: intentionally killing the fetus.

My daughter had her pregnancy terminated at nine months due to gestational diabetes. It was terminated with a pitocin drip and resulted in the live birth of little Lumpy Bumpy Overstreet.

All pregnancies terminate. Nobody's opposed to that. What prolifers oppose is killing fetuses.

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