Monday, October 16, 2006

Ms abortion-cheerleading stunt not winning public approval

LifeNews reports that a poll of 500 Denver residents, conducted by Survey USA, found opposition to Ms magazine's "I Had an Abortion" campaign. The poll, conducted October 4, found that overall 50% of Denver residents considered the campaign a "bad decision" while only 33 percent called it a "good decision". Women were slightly more opposed to the campaign than men, with 53 percent calling it a "bad decision" and 29 percent a "good decision".

LifeNews didn't indicate why the people thought it was a bad decision.

It would be interesting to compare the public response to the "I had abortion; I have no regrets" campaign compared to the public response to the Silent No More "I had an abortion; it was a horrible mistake" campaign. Does anybody know if there's been a poll on that?

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