Thursday, October 19, 2006

Missing abortionist update

I blogged earlier about the disappearance of abortionist Louis S. Meyers. I have very little to add.

My search of the Illinois database found no record of Meyers. However, Joe Schiedler's people found him here, I must have been sleepy, because I missed it. At any rate, all they had was "Disciplinary action taken prior to 1990 is not available through IDPR's online License Look-up." Something over sixteen years ago is hardly going to be motivation for vanishing.

What's disturbing is that I can find nothing at all about the missing man. Okay, he did a deplorable thing for a living but he was still a human being. Doesn't he have family or friends who are worried that he's missing and are looking for him? Hasn't anybody filed a missing person's report? Why does nobody in the world seem to care what's happened to this fellow?

Also, I have the page about Jakubowski up now. It's here.

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