Sunday, October 08, 2006

"We live in a pitifully deranged society."

"We live in a pitifully deranged society."

This is the first sentence in the first comment on Abortion Hotlines Feel the Crunch

I'd have to agree with the sentiment, but not for the reasons the commenter meant.

It's not "pitifully deranged" that it's difficult for some women to make the arrangements to kill their fetuses. It's pitifully deranged that helping a woman raise the money to kill her baby, then leaving her in her wretched circumstances, is some sort of victory. And when getting the taxpayers to subsidize the killing of a child conceived in rape is an "unqualified triumph."

I can imagine the impact in these women's lives if instead of focusing on the fetus as being the problem, the hotline counselor went to work pulling together resources to fix the reasons these women are in such dire straights in the first place. Escaping violent partners, finding a secure and safe place to live, breaking free of a lifestyle that leaves them pregnant to "crackheads" in the first place.

But the focus is on the fetus, as if it's caused all the woman's problems in the first place. And once the fetus is dead, the woman is still battered, destitute, or sleeping with crackheads.

And this is how one champions "women's rights?"

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