Monday, July 28, 2008

Have a happy abortion!

What Makes for a Good Abortion? asks the question, "So how can you help the women you love to have positive memories of their abortions?"

You can't make this shit up.

Why not just start a scrapbooking club? A picture of the ultrasound: "It's a boy! And you can see his little fingers!" Then a picture of what's in the specimen container: "And here we can see the fingernails on Junior's tiny little hand! His face got ripped in half, but you can see both eyes." Your appointment slip. Your aftercare instructions. Gosh, the possibilities are endless! Be sure to include flowers and champaign at your post-abortion party.

I'm sorry, but even if you think abortion is beneficial, the idea of a "good abortion" or "positive memories of the abortion" is revolting. You're having your baby put to death. And you want the people around you to help you build happy memories of it? Grow up. And next time, pick on somebody your own size.


Kel said...

The article you linked to says the following:

"*Help me with practical things--childcare, a ride to the clinic, make my favorite dinner for when I get back home, clean the house, cover my shift at work on the day of my appointment."

WHAAAT?! You mean spaghetti is going to make it all go away? Good grief. These people really have no idea.

"*Don't promise to "help me with the baby" unless you can identify specific things you are willing to help with. If I choose this path, once again, FOLLOW THROUGH!"

And she snaps her fingers and the father of her aborted child just jumps to attention? I guess perhaps she feels she can order him around...after all, he DID get her pregnant (no personal responsibility involved, I'm sure) and now it's all his fault because he's not "helping with the baby" when she gets back from killing the baby's sibling.

This is just unbelievable. It's as if they feel they'll just happily go back to life as usual, except for the fact that NOW they can demand things from people and just expect to be obeyed. Wow.

Christina Dunigan said...

Kel, what kills me is the idea that people around her somehow owe it to her to make her abortion as pleasant as possible.

Killing a baby ought not to be done at all. And if you're gonna do it, people around OUGHT to be judging you. The idea that you're entitled to the kid glove treatment because it's so hard on you? Give me a break!

JosephineMO7 said...

You know whats really bad. They are asking for loving compassion for themselves but what happens when a woman goes through a miscarriage(or as I have come to call it a premature still birth). Most everyone around treats you like a pariah. And don't you dare continue to grieve after they are well over it. I had one person, after I delivered my son in the bathtub and buried him 3 days later, help me. Many prayed but no one right here around me did anything to help. A spaghetti dinner. I had to go into a grocery store the day after his funeral and grocery shop and it had only been 4 days since I delivered him.

I cannot imagine a person doing to their child intentionally what happened to my son for some unknown cause. I didn't even think it was a possibility I would lose him. I was halfway through.

You want to start getting people to have compassion for those who are experiencing pregnancy loss how about you start with those who are going through true unexpected tragedy. IF you can plan the murder of your own child surely you can arrange ways to cope I mean it is after all a planned event.

June 10th at 6 in the morning I was planning on calling my doctor because of cramping I was having and by 7:30 I was in the bath tub pushing and catching him. It was horrible and I had about 8 minutes between when I first felt the sac pop out to plan anything and I was wailing the moment I felt it with his tiny little limb free floating inside me. If a person has time to read that screed they can plan their own damned recovery and buy some microwave meals.

Or better yet, they can just stay home and not have a tragedy at all. I had no such choice. I had no prepared foods for my kids to eat while I lay there in bed bleeding, hell because I was pregnant I didn't have so much as an Always is the house... It is terrible those duped into abortions suffer but I doubt anyone reading and planning it through that is being duped. Or maybe they are just being duped a good bit more than everyone else.