Wednesday, July 16, 2008


  • Lysol abortion: I think these Lysol douche ads go a long way to explain the stories.

  • abofreka: Perhaps they want Dr. Reffat Kamel Abofreka of Annandale, Virginia. He had surrendered his license in North Carolina for reasons I've been unable to determine, but evidently the Virginia medical board didn't think that was a reason to keep him from plying his trade on women in their own turf.

  • Laura Hope Smith: The guy who performed her fatal abortion stands freshly indicted for manslaughter. He already surrendered his license to halt a medical board investigation into Laura's death. He had Laura under general anesthesia with no assistance but a receptionist with no medical training.

  • 13-week fetus: What they're like and how they're put to death.

  • Assorted searches for fetuses at 20 or 23 weeks: This info on 20-week fetuses ought to be close enough.

  • Self-induced abortions: I have a selection of fatal ones, some medical/historical perspective on self-induced abortions, and a look at how realistic common ideas abortion self-induced abortion really are.

  • Chance of ectopic survival: Pretty good for the mother, not entirely unheard of for the baby, contrary to popular belief.

  • Doctor charged in abortion death: Rare nowadays, but, like ectopic survival, not entirely unheard-of. Dr. Robert Sherman was charged with murder in the 1975 abortion death of Rita McDowell. Frank Robinson was charged with murder in the 1982 abortion death of Jennifer Suddeth. David Benjamin was indicted for murder in the 1993 abortion death of Guadalupe Negron. Bruce Steir (rhymes with "fear") was charged with murder in the 1996 abortion death of Sharon Hamplton (pictured, with son Curtis). John Biskind was charged with homicide in the 1998 abortion death of Lou Ann Herron. And, most recently, Rapin Osathanondh was charged with manslaughter in the 2007 abortion death of Laura Hope Smith (pictured).

  • C.J. LaBenz: He botched abortions in Ohio before moving to Omaha.

  • jeffrey paul moskowitz: DING DING DING! You've picked a winner! This guy was executive director of Eastern Women's Center in 1993, when Venus Oritz was left in a fatal vegetative state after her safe and legal abortion.

  • Harris City Hospital District autopsy "Jammie Garcia": Jammie was only 15 when she died a horrible death.
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