Monday, July 07, 2008

Hell freezes over: MSM gives accurate Roe/Doe/Obama coverage

Obama's Abortion Kerfuffle

The language Obama used in [the Relevant magazine interview] seemed to remove "mental distress" as an allowable exception justifying a post-22 week abortion.

To some observers, that would seem to go against the Supreme Court decision Doe v. Bolton -- handed down the same day as the more famous (or infamous) Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion, though the Court said the decisions were to be "read together."

Doe holds that the health exception permitting abortion after viability should be based on a "medical judgment...exercised in the light of all factors -- physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age -- relevant to the wellbeing of the patient," as ABC News' Supreme Court reporter Jan Crawford Greenburg noted over the weekend.

So was Obama suggesting to Relevant that he disagrees with Doe?

That would seem to contradict Obama's support for the "Freedom of Choice Act," which codifies in law a mental health exception for post-viability abortions, legislation that Obama has publicly supported.

Usually the MSM bends over backward to convey the impression that abortion is only permitted in the first trimester, and then only after a medical consultation. When they do admit that it's available after that, they bend over backward to convey the impression that it's only available after the first trimester for situations in which the mother or fetus has serious health problems. And after 22 weeks? They try to convey the impression that abortion is only available to save the mother's life, to prevent irreversible damage to her body, or to euthanize a moribund fetus. Admitting that abortions are readily available after 22 weeks for any factor "relevant to the wellbeing of the patient" -- including "emotional" and "familial" concerns? I don't recall the MSM ever admitting this before. And I've been at this for over a quarter of a century.

And pointing out a prochoice politician's inconsistent statements about abortion? Holding his feet to the fire about it?

Okay, it's only one network, ABC. And it's only on a blog, not on the Nightly News. But still, there it is.

It's a sign of the coming apocolypse.

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