Thursday, July 03, 2008

Looks like good news but might not be

Doctor in abortion clinic case surrenders license

Dr. Deborah Lyn Levich ran Summit Medical Center of Alabama, the seedy abortion mill where a nurse gave RU-486 to a gravely-ill woman who shortly thereafter turned up at an emergency room with a dead near-term infant partially emerged from her body. The state began an investigation into the facility, the nurse, and Levich. Levich surrendered her license -- which sounds like good news. But what it means is the the medical board must drop the investigation. The public -- and medical boards in other states -- will never find out what this woman did that was so horrible that she'd sooner give up her license entirely than have it uncovered. And it also means that she can lay low, wait for the brouhaha to die down, and ask for her license back. Since the investigation is closed with no finding against her, whatever it is she did can't be held against her in a bid to get her license restored.

The nurse, Janet F. Onthank King, is facing misdemeanor charges for having practiced medicine without a license, killing a near-term baby and nearly killing the child's mother. A MISDEMEANOR, like jaywalking.

This deplorable facility, by the way, was a National Abortion Federation member.


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