Tuesday, July 22, 2008


  • Back alley abortion stories: What are you looking for? Gruesome tales of horrible quackery visited on hapless women? or maybe stories of the classic back alley abortions, performed by doctors letting patients in through the back alley?

  • Scriptures and Abortion: With the help of then-Christian Humor Guide Greg Hartman, I once put together a series of articles on Scriptures and abortion. Exodus 21 and Abortion explores the scripture that gets batted about most by abortion supporters. Scriptures on the Unborn Apply to Abortion looks at specific scriptural references to prenatal life. Assorted Scriptures and Abortion looks at scriptures on justice and on dealing with crises.

  • Eileen Smith abortion: Eileen's daughter, Laura Hope Smith (pictured), died on the abortion table under the dubious care of Rapin Osathanondh this past September.

  • Songs about abortion

  • Self-induced abortion: Don't try this at home.

  • Geri Santoro: literally the poster child for legal abortion advocacy. A photo of her, naked on the motel room floor where her married lover left her to die, is circulated by those who claim that legalizing abortion had put an end to such tragedies. Guess again.

  • 18 week fetus

  • 20 week fetus

  • reviews on emw women's surgical center: It depends on how much you like a place that hires a security chief who uses the clinic as a rape site.
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