Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Searchs: deaths, septic shock, and more

  • dangers saline abortions: Here's history and an overview. The technique had been abandoned in Sweden, the Soviet Union, and Japan due to the risks to maternal health and life, long before abortion was legalized in the US. But American abortionists used it anyway. Here you can see what this carelessness cost in women's lives just in New York between legalization there and the Roe vs. Wade inviting abortionists nationwide to do likewise to women all over the country. The dead continued to pile up until the method fell out of favor, largely due to the problem of the dreaded live birth.

  • Baby Claire: The only Baby Claire I know of survived an abortion -- minus an arm, which was torn off during the procedure. She was adopted by the daughter of prolife activist Jean Garton. This photo shows her with her older sister, Clarissa.

  • Harold Walba: One of the people who signed the Planned Parenthood petition trying to shut down prolife pregnancy centers. Walba said "Although we often differ on political issues, I hope we are on the same side when it comes to deception of woman." Actually, Harold, you and PP are not on the same side, if you disapprove of deceiving women. Considering how they lied to you to get you to sign the petition, how much do you think you can trust them to be honest with the women they depend upon for their rich influx of tax dollars?

  • Death after a surgical abortion: I have far too many to list here. I suggest going through the deaths here and seeing which were surgical abortions. If you need additional help, let me know.

  • Septic shock after abortion: Fatal.

  • Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 85-504476: An odd search! But here it is, a lawsuit against Alberto Hodari for a botched abortion at Womancare of Lakewood.
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