Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yum! Some of my favorite foods coming to America!

The Next Sushi

Well, I hate sushi, but...

1. Mongolian Hot Pot, sounds like a variation of shabu-shabu, which I snarked down at every opportunity the last time I was in Korea. The Korean version ends with a porridge or sort of fried rice made in the pot with the last of the broth. And I like Mongolian food (which I ate in Mongolia, of all places), so a Mongolian invasion of America cuisine would tickle me pink.

2. Dosas. Well, any increase in the availability of Indian food is fine by me. I live in the sticks and just hope it makes it here.

3. Bibimbap is tasty and satisfying. It's served with a fried egg and hot pepper paste, and the leftovers are easily turned into fried rice for tomorrow's lunch.

4. Mongosteen. The yummiest fruit ever. And since it's got Oprah plugging it, you know it'll be available wherever women are found.


Anonymous said...

We got mangosteen here a couple times a year, mostly from Malaysia I think (although I have not had them for a long, long time). I absolutely LOVE dosas. Veg Indian restaurants here serve really wicked dosas stuffed with curried almost-mashed like potatoes and onions among other vegs, with servings of dalcha and accompaniments of spicy sauces. And you gotta have milk tea (made with goat's milk) with that.

Anonymous said...

A former co-worker who recently traveled to Vietnam and China, one evening brought in to work Vietnamese yogurt with raspberries he'd made at home and it was good! Yea for trying foreign dishes!
Rachael C.