Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1924: Mystery abortion kills Chicago woman

On December 30, 1924, 21-year-old Agnes Nazar died at Chicago's St. Joseph's Hospital from an abortion performed earlier that day. On January 6, 1925, Rogie Hatal was held by the coroner as the guilty abortionist. Hatal's profession is not listed. Mike Nazar, whose relationship to Agnes is not listed, was arrested as an accessory, as was Sarah Babian. Hatal was indicted for felony murder on February 15, 1925.

In deference to SoMG, who cannot abide if I simply allow my readers to draw their own conclusions:

We don't know enough about Agnes' death to really conclude much, other than that whatever her circumstances, she thought an abortion would fix them. I don't pick and choose which deaths I report. Whether or not I can make a particular argument out of the circumstances surrounding a death isn't a factor in whether or not I consider it significant. Agnes was somebody's daughter, somebody's friend, somebody's wife or lover. That's what matters.

For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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Anonymous said...

Well actually you do pick and choose which deaths to report.

You report rare deaths from abortion, and leave out the eleven-times-more-frequent deaths from childbirth.

Christina Dunigan said...

Not to put too fine a point on it, So, but this is an ABORTION mortality blog.

However, let me see if I can oblige.... Off to my notes...

Here we go... a lawsuit against abortionist Nabil Ghali! 1978 suit by Albert A. Wells alleged Ghali and Edward G. Honey cared for his wife Barbara "in such a negligent and reckless manner and in a manner falling below the accepted and recognized standards of their profession" during pregnancy and childbirth that the infant, Michelle, was injured and Barbara sustained fatal injuries. (Campbell Circuit Court No. 78-CI-730)

Here we have abortinoist Curlee Ross: Obstetrical suit by survivors of Ms. Cortez alleged: May 29, 1976, Cortez was pregnant, seriously ill and in great pain, in hospital, under care of Ross et al.; improper care, she died June 5, 1976 due to failure to properly treat eclampsia and toxemia; suit alleged Ross abandoned patient, "knowing her to be in critical condition, and in need of immediate medical care." (LA County Superior Court Case No. C179970)

Yeah, they kill their obstetric patients too. Thanks for bringing up another reason not to trust your care to an abortionist.