Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Search: Are abortions used as birth control?

Are abortions used as birth control? A better question would be "How often are abortions used as birth control?" The answer depending on how you define "using abortion as birth control". The hard-liners, defining "abortion as birth control" as any abortion chosen because the woman doesn't want to have the baby, put the "abortions as birth control" rate at 95%. The middle ground, judging by repeat abortions, puts "abortions as birth control" at 45%. And the most conservative count, just counting abortions on women who weren't using contraception, put "abortions as birth control" at 42%. Even the low end, the conservative estimate of 42%, is still, by anybody's reckoning, a lot of abortions.

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belinda said...

THIS MAKES ME ANGRY!!! Thanks for posting this.