Monday, December 15, 2008

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  • Death abortion: There's bleeding to death from abortions. There's death from complications of the abortion anesthesia. There's death from embolisms. There's death from septic abortion. There are deaths from legal and therefore presumably safe abortions. You can see deaths broken down by year. For more information on abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice

  • Abortion videos: The best of the net I've gathered here.

  • Abortion songs: Some examples here, with videos.

  • Self abortion: Two words: Dumb idea. If you're early enough in the pregnancy to carry it off with relatively low-risk abortion teas, you're still likely subjecting yourself to the risk for no reason, since you're at the stage where miscarriages are common anyway. If you weren't already in the process of having a miscarriage, taking enough of the stuff to kill the baby can kill you as well. Or you might have an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, and your attempts to do an abortion will delay diagnosis and appropriate care. If you're considering sticking things in your uterus, I'd give you the same two words -- Dumb idea -- but in italics, boldface, and underlined. You can poke a hole in your uterus or give yourself a nasty infection. And there is no such thing as a "natural" abortion. By definition you're doing something to thwart Mother Nature if you're trying to dislodge a fetus or embryo that your body is trying to hold on to. So go to a doctor and get some proper prenatal care.

  • Laws about abortion in the third trimester: Summed up here, with links to more information.

  • Illegal abortion: Most were performed by doctors. A small but significant minority were performed by nurses, medical students, or other people with some medical training. Even fewer were performed by people with no formal medical training, but who often had doctors providing training, equipment, drugs, and backup. Illegal abortions still happen occasionally for a variety of reasons.

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

  • Abortion deaths 2008: I don't know of any yet. Anybody?

  • Perforated bowel: I can only address those associated with abortions, and more particularly, fatal cases: "Julie" Roe, Moris Helen Herron, Ellen Williams, Sharon Hamplton (pictured, with son Curtis), and Sharon Davis, that I know of.

  • 16-week abortion: Fatal.

    Anonymous said...

    Abortion can not only kill you according to this recent Australian study.

    Young women who have lost a pregnancy through abortion or miscarriage have an increased risk for substance abuse or developing a mood disorder in later life, according to an Australian study.
    ABC Science

    Anonymous said...

    What did the study do to account for possible factors which might increase BOTH abortions AND subsequent emotional problems like substance abuse and mood disorders? Like for instance poverty.

    People who have pale skin are at much higher risk for having children with cystic fibrosis than people with dark brown skin. Therefore, you can protect your future children from cystic fibrosis by...wearing blackface! Right?

    Anonymous said...

    Another question. Do you not see even the slightest inconsistancy in writing that self-abortion is a bad idea, and supporting a policy which (if successful) would cause many women to attempt self-abortions?

    Christina Dunigan said...

    SoMG, let's put it bluntly: Don't like coathanger abortions? Don't have one.

    Anonymous said...

    Do you have the percantage of abortion deaths per abortions carried out over the past decades that you have found abortion deaths? I fully agree with you that all safe and legal abortions are anything but - but I think it would be an interesting relationship to look at if we are trying to see if legalising abortion is actually safer for women?


    Christina Dunigan said...

    There's no point in trying to look at dead/case ratios, because we don't know the number of deaths. We only know how many the CDC counted. The method they use is akin to putting a bushel basket on the ground in an apple orchard, counting the apples that fell into the basket, and then insisting that this is the entire number of apples that fell in the entire orchard.