Monday, December 08, 2008

Criminal abortionist pleads guilty; string of seedy mills closed for good

Abortion Empire Collapses As Abortionist Pleads Guilty To 9 Felonies

Abortion entrepreneur Bertha Bugarin has pleaded guilty in San Diego to nine felony counts of committing abortions without a medical license. She had already pleaded no contest to seven other similar felonies in Los Angeles. With Bugarin facing up to 9 years in San Diego County and up to 10 years in Los Angeles County, her chain of Clinica Medica Para Le Mejur (Medical Clinic for Today's Woman) abortion mills is now shut down.

Bugarin once owned a chain of 11 abortion mills, staffed by abortionists who, one by one, lost their licenses or left due to offences ranging from medical negligence to Medi-Cal fraud. One of Bugarin's abortionists, Laurence Reich, was stripped of his license after being convicted a second time for sex crimes. Reich was arrested earlier this year for continuing to do abortions at Bugarin's clinics without a license. He faces his own trial sometime next year.

Operation Rescue began to focus on Bugarin's clinics in 1999, documenting and exposing the dangerous nature of the abortion chain to the public. Within a year, several of Bugarin's abortionists, including co-owner Nicholas Braemer, lost their medical licenses. ....

Today, eviction and utility shut-off notices are posted on Bugarin's former abortion offices. Only one, the Santa Ana location, has been reopened under a new owner and continues to operate under another name.

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