Sunday, December 07, 2008

Abortion deaths in 1979

The Centers for Disease Control deigned to count the following abortion deaths in their most recent Abortion Surveillance Summary, for 2004:

Today I'll look at deaths in 1979. The CDC counts 22 -- all legal.

I know of 8:

  • Geneva Calton bled to death from a perforated uterus.

  • Gail Mazo was allowed to aspirate on vomit while under general anesthesia for her abortion.

  • Lynn McNair died when amniotic fluid got into her bloodstream during a saline abortion.

  • Ruth Montero bled to death at a seedy Miami abortion mill where three other women died.

  • "Faye" Roe was left unattended after her abortion; she was discovered, cold and blue, too late to save ehr.

  • Angela Scott and Deloris Smith were fatally injured nearly simultaneously in a National Abortion Federation member facility.

  • Gail Vroman died of gas gangrene after her safe and legal abortion.

    There are at least 14 safe, legal abortion deaths in 1979 that I don't know about.

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