Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Search: Seth Gilbertson

Somebody was searching for Seth Gilbertson. Seth was one of the people who signed a Planned Parenthood petition trying to shut down CPCs.

Seth said, "Every woman should have the ability to recieve balanced information so they can make their own decisions."

Like when Planned Parenthood told my babysitter that her 8-week fetus was "just like a blood clot"?

Like the way Planned Parentood told Cristi Stile they were referring her to a "safe" facility, and they sent her to one with no crash cart? Cristi has been incapacitated since that ever so safe abortion.

How about the way PP endangered the lives of women with their lies that the anesthesia given to the mother in a late-term abortion kills the fetus? Obstetricians were faced with sick moms who didn't want to consent to desperately-needed surgery because PP's lies convinced them that they would be endangering their loved and wanted babies.

You don't like lies, Seth? How about the lies PP told you to get you to sign the petition in the first place? Or did you know it was a lie, Seth? Were you scammed, or one of the scammers?

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