Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Abortion Deaths in 1986

The Centers for Disease Control deigned to count the following abortion deaths in their most recent Abortion Surveillance Summary, for 2004:

Today I'll look at deaths in 1986. They count 11 legal and 2 "unknown".

I have 16:

  • Gloria Aponte went to a National Abortion Federation member who let his receptionist administer general anesthesia.

  • Dorothy Bryant bled to death.

  • Janyth Caldwell was certainly not counted by the CDC, because her abortionist failed to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy, allowing her to die.

  • Claudia Caventou likewise went uncounted, because of her abortionist's failure to diagnose her ectopic pregnancy.

  • Liliana Cortez went into cardiac arrest during her abortion.

  • Carol Cunningham shut herself up in her garage with the car engine running after her abortion.

  • Laniece Dorsey lapsed into a fatal coma after her abortion at a Family Planning Associates Medical Group clinic.

  • Christella Forte screamed, convulsed, and died without ever expelling her dead baby.

  • Donna Heim wasn't properly resuscitated when she stopped breathing.

  • Michelle Madden had sought an abortion because her doctor told her that her epilepsy medication could cause birth defects.

  • Sylvia Moore was shoved out the door to bleed to death on New Years Eve.

  • Jacqueline Reynolds wasn't given adequate oxygen during her abortion.

  • Luz Rodriguez bled to death from an incomplete abortion.

  • Rosael Rodriguez is one of two women killed by the same abortionist in Puerto Rico.

  • Magnolia Thomas is another ectopic death, thus another death the CDC deliberately failed to count.

  • Gail Wright developed sepsis and died.

    You might be wondering why a death from an ectopic pregnancy would be blamed on abortion. That's because in theory, a woman seeking an abortion should be the least likely to die from an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy. Proper diagnostics before the abortion, adequate examination of the tissues afterward, and a simple HCG test if the woman still feels pregnant after the abortion, should detect 100% of ectopic pregnancies in women seeking abortion. There is no excuse for failing to do so. Because abortion clinic staff and the woman are confident that there is no continued pregnancy, the woman does not get life-saving treatment that she would have most likely gotten had there been no misdiagnosis by the abortionist.

    The National Abortion Federation held mock trials, using real cases, to illustrate how a jury will view a case. A jury of abortionists all voted against a doctor who let a patient die of an undiagnosed ectopic. All agreed that there is simply no excuse for such a failure.

    Did the CDC count two of my three additional deaths as "unknown"? Did they not count them? Do they have deaths I'm not aware of? We can't find out, because the CDC refuses to release information to researchers outside the abortion industry.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

    For more abortion deaths broken down by year, see this post.

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    Kathy said...

    I'm thinking that in addition to the ectopics, the CDC did not count the suicide. While it is obvious this woman killed herself because of remorse over the abortion, the abortion as an act did not kill her. It also would not surprise me to find that the woman who died of the heart attack would have been coded as that, with "abortion" obfuscated. Don't know, but it's either possible or likely.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    I know they've counted at least one suicide, but for some reason not counted others. The woman I call "Sandra" was counted, I think. I'd have to drag out my old Abortion Surveillance summaries, but I think they wrote her up.

    But they did a public health report where they matched abortion certificates and death certificates in Georgia and found more violent deaths than would be expected, and I don't think they counted any of them as abortion related.

    belinda said...

    Thank you for talking about this stuff. It is so very importiant that people talk about what really goes on, and has gone on for years.
    I am always proud of people like you.

    Christina Dunigan said...

    Thanx, Belinda, but I can't take a lot of credit. It's a compulsion, like Adrian Monk having to solve murders and touch parking meters.

    Kathy said...

    Maternal mortality is underreported. There was a similar Florida study which looked at all of maternal mortality (not just abortion), which matched death certificates with health records (birth certificates, OB/GYN records, etc.), and found a severe underreporting of true maternal deaths based on just death certificates. I think the CDC admits that at least 30% of maternal deaths are uncounted -- these are deaths during pregnancy or the year after the end of it (whether abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, or live birth) that are attributed to the woman having been pregnant. I don't think that suicides are technically counted, and I know accidental deaths (like car wrecks) shouldn't be counted unless the wreck is somehow attributable to the woman's condition (say, she fainted because she was pregnant and lost control of her car). The WHO has a classification of "pregnancy related deaths" which would include any death of a woman while pregnant or in the year following the pregnancy, regardless of the cause of death (including suicide, accidents, and completely unrelated health problems, as well as the typical things like postpartum hemorrhage, infection, etc.)

    Christina Dunigan said...

    The important thing is to take appropriate public health measures, such as encouraging early prenatal referrals. But this is a measure the abortion-loving public health officials won't get behind because it assumes the woman will give birth. They prefer -- and they've actually agitated for this -- to "educate" every woman who gets a pregnancy diagnosed "as to the availability of safe, legal abortion."

    The referral for prenatal care can do no harm. Even if she decides to abort, the prenatal checkup would screen for things like ectopic pregnancy as well as risk factors that an abortionist should know of in order to prevent complications. Why object to this?

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