Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Begging Abortionist Redux

Yesterday I blogged about stalwart advocates for women's reproductive health who are raising money for abortionist LeRoy Carhart. Poor LeRoy. He can't even afford to get the junked truck towed away from his parking lot. Maybe it's left over from when the place was still a garage.

Here's another shot of what a run-down, seedy place Carhart runs. He didn't even have an occupancy permit, for crying out loud!

Most rational people would ask Carhart to clean up his existing facility before they gave him money to expand.

The journal of post-abortion suicide Haley Mason paints a nasty picture of Carhart's abortion practice. Haley‘d been told to arrive at the clinic at 7:00 in the morning, but it was ten hours before she was finally on the table, ready for the abortion. Carhart walked into the room, clad in a dirty coat and glasses so smeared that Haley‘s friend, who had accompanied her, wondered how he could even see through the lenses. While performing the vacuum abortion, Carhart spouted profanities. He told Haley and her friend that he was tired. He‘d been speaking in California the day before, and had just flown into Omaha that morning.

Carhart can't manage his own home front. Back in 1992, 4 of his 11 horses, and two dogs, were confiscated by the humane society due to neglect. An officer of the humane society said she had not obtained a warrant because the animals were in danger of death. She also said that the horses were in danger of starvation even though several large bales of inferior-quality hay were outside a fence, just beyond the reach of the horses. Some of the older horses had bite marks on their backs indicating that younger horses had driven them away from what food was available, and that the most skeletal of the horses, a 20 to 30-year-old female, had to be coaxed from a barn that was a foot deep in mud and excrement. The humane society spokesperson also said that Carhart "wasn't too happy" that she had taken the horses, and that he threatened to file charges against her. (Source: Bellevue Leader 7-25-92)

His animals are left to starve half to death, his building is run-down and shabby, and he had to rent himself out to George Tiller to make ends meet.

While he was working for Tiller, he "provided" fatal "abortion care" to Christin Gilbert, a mentally disabled Texas teenager. When paramedics arrived at Tiller's mill, Carhart was performing CPR so awkwardly that they thought he was a bystander, not a doctor.

His command of the English language isn't always the best. This from Jill Stanek's recent post:

“We need a place where we can do our patients without the harassment of the courts.”

“Do?” Sounds like he’s having sex with them.

And, “I said before we practice within the laws what they were and fight the laws to get rid of them.”

Almost incoherent, abortion’s best and brightest.

This guy is just screwed up on all fronts. And prochoice fundraisers want you to give him more money.

Though it seems Carhart isn't trusting the useful idiots to collect enough cash for him. He, his wife, and his daughter have set up a non-profit to beg for more money.

Read Jill's entire post. It's chock full of good information.

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