Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Delusions of RH "Reality Check"

Live Action Blog shares a bit of delusional thinking from RH Reality (sic) Check: "The effectiveness of embryonic stem cells over adult stem cells is a scientific fact that everyone except the most extreme of the anti-choice movement has recognized." This statement is so divorced from reality, it's akin to holding up Chernobyl as a sterling example of safety in the nuclear power industry. To paraphrase Arthur Dent, this is obviously some strange, new usage of the word 'effective' that I've been previously unaware of. The "effectiveness" of embryonic stem cells is -- well, they're effective in producing a "devastating" disaster. Meanwhile, adult stem cells are currently used in at least 73 effective treatments (my sister's cancer, for example, is currently in remission thanks to adult stem cell treatments).

So, if you want tremors and tumors, by all means go with embryonic stem cells. They are, as RH "Reality Check" says, very effective. If you want actual treatments and cures, stick with adult stem cells.

To each his own.

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