Sunday, November 07, 2010

Planned Parenthood continues censorship efforts

Personhood Colorado, sponsor of Colorado's Personhood Amendment 62, has been notified that opposition to Amendment 62 has complained to YouTube, claiming that a recently released video violates the privacy of the people debating.

The nearly 3 minute video contains excerpts from a recent debate in which Advocates for Choice, a Planned Parenthood college outreach group, claimed that "We are not gonna try to use science, or evidence," "Abortion is...safer...than getting your wisdom teeth removed," and "there's people on our side that research that says that the heart doesn't beat until 24 weeks."

"Those misstatements by our opposition are easily refuted. The most basic studies of human development confirm that a baby in the womb has a heartbeat days after the beginning of development, not months after," explained Jennifer Mason, a spokesperson for Amendment 62. "The day before the election, it is critical that Colorado voters learn the truth before they go to the polls."

Before the debate, all parties to the debate agreed to be videotaped, and agreed that the video could be used. The campus newspaper also has an audio recording of the debate.

"This is not an issue of privacy. We were videotaping a public debate, on a public campus, and we had the permission of all of the participants," stated Gualberto Garcia Jones, co-sponsor of Amendment 62 and Personhood USA legal analyst. "I believe that this is not about privacy at all, but about Planned Parenthood's embarrassment over the video. The no on 62 side had to resort to lies or misinformation to try to defeat us - either way, it reflects very poorly upon their organization."

The misinformation provided by the no on 62 side of the debate is easily refuted with scientific text and public information.

As for the request for the video to be pulled from YouTube, Amendment 62 organizers are prepared to make an offer to Planned Parenthood:

"We are willing to remove the video from YouTube, shocking as it is, if Planned Parenthood will publicly state that the No on 62 side of the debate was wrong, that a baby in the womb has a heartbeat days after conception, and that abortions performed at Planned Parenthood stop that beating heart and kill a living, growing, developing human being," confirmed Mason. "If Planned Parenthood publicly makes these statements, which are well-known facts, we will take the YouTube video down immediately."


Lola said...

I just read Dr. Laura's latest posting on her blog and I think it relates well with your entries:

Christina Dunigan said...

Let me turn that into a link.

And yeah, she nails it. Though unlike Smith's ad, the ad PP wants down shows NOTHING graphic. It just presents people who chose to make asses of themselves in a public forum. Well, if you don't want your fatuity to become internet fodder, don't shoot your mouth of in a public debate.