Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Today's Roundup

  • I voted for the right to kill the baby I decided not to kill: Jill Stanek comments on the sad irony of a mother who, ever mindful of her newborn daughter, went to the polls to vote to support the option to kill babies just a day younger than her child.

  • Jivin' J shares a snippet from Opinion: The fundamental right to life:

    The question is not, as Yost states, “whether we choose to assign [the embryo] human rights,” but rather whether we choose to respect the rights inherent in every human being. As freely acting agents, we may choose to infringe upon the rights of a person (with or without good cause), but we cannot choose to rescind a human right because we did not grant that right in the first place. Simply by virtue of being human, all human beings are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” It is the duty of the state to protect those rights.

  • Is it a Sin Not to Vote? It's interesting, but I'd say that there's a spectrum of right and wrong, with the best act being to very carefully research the candidates and their positions, and prayerfully vote accordingly, to having enough information to cast a moral vote but being too lazy to bother. Realizing you don't know enough to cast a good vote is humility, which is a virtue. Either way, I'd not get legalistic about it. If the person is prayerfully considering what to do on Election Day, and following where the Spirit leads, can I call it sin if their decision is different from mine?

  • Pregnancy Center Group Ups Pledge to Reach Black Women: "Care Net .... has announced that Rev. Dean Nelson has been appointed Vice President of Underserved Outreach to spearhead the organization’s efforts to develop pregnancy centers in urban communities nationwide.
    .... Rev. Nelson will focus on recruiting and equipping African American pastors to open pregnancy centers in urban areas. As some of the highest rates of abortions occur among African-American women, and with the majority of abortion centers clustered in urban neighborhoods, Nelson’s work will focus on one of the most strategic projects in the pro-life movement today."

  • From the "Cool!" files: Astronauts vote from space.

  • Christians in the Voting Booth should First Not Steal takes a Scriptural look at voting for, ahem, "redistribution of wealth". In a word, stealing other people's money. For charity, of course! But where in the Bible does it say to be generous with other people's money, taken from them by force of law? It ain't charity if somebody takes it from you by force. And it ain't charity to take it from somebody else by force, even if you're just taking it because you think you'd be more charitable with it than the person who earned it.

  • 40 Days: two consecutive abortion days cancelled in Sudbury. Prayer works. Women who had scheduled death for their unborn babies canceled their appointments and let their babies live.

  • Returning Sight to the Blind -- with stem cells from cord blood.

  • From the "Oh-KAY!" files, two bizarre but very funny political ads
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