Saturday, November 13, 2010

Who would adopt those aborted babies?

Prolifers, that's who. Like the ones who adopted this aborted baby:

Melissa Oden later gave birth in the same hospital where her biomom tried to kill her.

During the heyday of saline abortion, the Centers for Disease Control got reports of 500 live births following abortions annually. Willard Cates of the CDC admitted that the actual number of cases must be significantly higher, because of disincentives for reporting such births. "It's like turning yourself in to the IRS for an audit," Cates said.

Aside from the normal issues -- Is Melissa a person? After all, you don't abort persons, you abort tissue. Was the nurse wrong to save Melissa, rather than implement the biomom's decision? After all, she had chosen, and paid for, a dead fetus, not a live baby. -- there are the freaky questions about what this was like for her biomom. Imagine choosing abortion and adoption for the same baby. And how about biodad, who got a letter from his aborted child a few months before his death. He kept the letter. His family found it. Imagine their shock.

Melissa's biomom's decision to kill her is still having an impact on the lives of many families.

This sort of thing happens sometimes, Obama's blithe scoffing to the contrary. What should we, as a society, do about it?


Lilliput said...

Can they also please adopt all those children who are being advertised as part of adoption month here in the uk and the us?

It really upsets me that they have to look for homes for them like the RSPCA does for their homeless pets.

Christina Dunigan said...

Lil, I think there are two problems:

1. Children have become a consumer good. People want to have a DIY kid from the fertility clinic, not some off-the-shelf kid.

2. Those who don't see kids as consumer goods can't afford the legal fees. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a kid.

So the people who have the money spend it on IVF and fertility clinics. The people who have the willingness are broke.

Lilliput said...


Firstly, if you cannot see the difference between a child that is genetically your and one that is adopted then I don't know. To reproduce your genes is the fundamental purpose of life for all living beings so I don't for one second see anything wrong with people using fertility clinics for having their own genetically related kids. I do have an issue with single women who use sperm banks to have children or egg/sperm donor kids. Maybe these women want to have the pregnancy experience - so again I can't see it as a consumer good. I see children more as consumer goods in the international baby adoption or egg donor industry where the rich buy poor people's babies.

Also, there is obviously a problem with the adoption system where people need to pay thousands to adopt children in care. I don't think it costs anything to adopt children in the uk care system - but still there are many waiting. I wonder why there is no state support in the us for adoption. I also wonder if single people can adopt in the US?

Kathy said...

To answer your last question, different states have different rules, but in my state, I know a single woman who adopted a child at the age of 18 months or something like that. So, to answer for my state, yes, single people can adopt.

Lilliput said...

Why isn't it for free? Doesn't the state pay the social workers, lawyes and court fees if adopting children who are wards of the state?

Kathy said...

There may be a waiving or reduction of the adoption fees if a family adopts children who are wards of the state. I don't know.

I agree that there should be free; but then, there are a lot of things I'd change about my government if there were a magic wand I could wave. :-/